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ABECTIV s.r.o. has been offering its services related to improving purchase process, sourcing and production since 2016. We provide general support to all our clients from the Czech Republic and the European Union.


Our team of experienced professionals, who are experts on purchasing products and services, provides consultancy, inspiration and practical assistance with processing your requirements.


In ABECTIV s.r.o., we are interested in helping anybody involved in production and service with no regards to the size of the project. Having a global network of partners and professional producers as well as service providers, we are really flexible when solving unusual requirements that we can solve quickly and effectively.


Our priority is to help you any way we can. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need for your projects.



Purchasing management

No deposit no prepayment
This service is suitable mainly for clients who are limited by the purchase process and they cannot:


  • Purchase goods and services from unapproved suppliers

  • Pay proforma invoices, cash on delivery and deposits

  • Constantly approve new suppliers

  • Regulary audit of suppliers

  • Searching new sources of product or services

  • Efective manage of invoices, delivery notes etc. This problem is arising by customers with different location of accounting department


or they want to purchase a product or service on a one-time basis and the approval procedure is too complicated financially and time-wise.

Inventory management

Free your locked-up capital to grow your business inventory management is a combination of services that can help you in various ways.


Locked-up capital – free your means blocked by your stock supply and invest them in your development.


Savings – Pay only for supplies that you really needed based on a monthly report.


Overview of expenses – Customizable reports provide you with information about WHEN, BY WHOM and WHY a product was taken from the stock as well as its current location.


Availability 24/7/365 – With online access and automated restocking you have stock supplies available whenever needed in desired quantity.




Ondřej Štěpánek

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Founder & CEO

All about the business, relationship with customers and suppliers. New ideas and growth of our team and services.


Michal Hřebíček

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All about technical background of our IT solution of services. I put ideas to reality and develop our IT team


Ondřej Krajčík

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IT specialist

I cooperate with Michael on solution and bring new point of view to our system and thinking about new functions


+420 601 096 995

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