Store Management

“tool management”

Free your locked-up capital to grow your business


Store management is a combination of services that can help you in various ways:


1) Locked-up capital – free your means blocked by your stock supply and invest them in your development.


2) Savings – Pay only for supplies that you really needed based on a monthly report.


3) Overview of expenses – Customizable reports provide you with information about WHEN, BY WHOM and WHY a product was taken from the stock as well as its current location.


4) Availability 24/7/365 – With online access and automated restocking you have stock supplies available whenever needed in desired quantity.

Assistant purchase

No deposit no prepayment

This service is suitable mainly for clients who are limited by the purchase process and they cannot:


1) Purchase goods and services from unapproved suppliers


2) Pay proforma invoices, cash on delivery and deposits


3) Constantly approve new suppliers




they want to purchase a product or service on a one-time basis and the approval procedure is too complicated financially and time-wise.


Custom production

steel, plastic, 3D print, tools, jigs and more..

Use your production capacity for strategic orders and we will provide you with capacity for everything else.


We offer a wide range of custom production with assistance from our verified and reliable partners producing for clients from all over the world and specialising in professional metalworking, woodworking as well as working with plastics, composite materials and other difficult-to-cut materials.

All products are made based on an approved documentation and in case of more complex shapes we can print a 3D model using the FDM, SLS or SLA method.


Thanks to our services you can use your production capacity for strategic orders. Less important orders or production for your own use can be delegated to our partners.