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AVOID limiting or stopping
production process

The most common reasons


The production process is demanding in terms of planning and supply of all components that directly and indirectly affect it. Input material, production parts, fasteners, as well as hand tools and protective equipment affect the smooth running of your operation. In case you are missing anything, it means a loss.


How to quickly replace or add what you are missing? Finding a new supplier, a new material, a different type of tool is not difficult. What is difficult is getting what you need through the internal approval process which can take weeks or more. It takes a lot of people and can often be costly. Requirements of the approval process may be unacceptable to suppliers.


You've found a new supplier. A suitable replacement material. A new type of tool. However, the supplier is unwilling or unable to accept your payment terms. Payment by invoice only. Long invoice due dates, sometimes more than 90 days. Payment in advance or on delivery. Simply as a corporation you do not have a tool for modern payment methods.

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